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Our fiber optics devices feature exceptional performance
and top of the line specifications.


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About us

Korex Technologies is a young and fast growing company based in Slovakia, in central Europe. We specialize in innovative designing and producing top-tier fiber optics devices.

Our products

We develop high-end fiber optic products. The perfect production process and the quality control of each individual product is our priority.


Our products are designed for a wide range of solutions.

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“Fiber lasers, fiber laser power amplifiers, lidar, material processing, optical pumping, fiber optic component manufacturing, communications.”

Fiber optic industry

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“Many uses in research and development. Eye-safe devices for the modern medical solutions.”

Medical and research

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“Application in security and protection systems, weapons, military equipment and critical infrastructure.”

Defense and military

Get In Touch

Feel free to contact us at any time.
If you have any questions or you are interested in our products, please send us a message.

+421 917575003

KOREX technologies, s. r. o.
Dolne Rudiny 1/A, 010 01 Zilina, Slovakia, Europe